"the ones with the red core"

we are

ENO© | Our brand.

ENO© is more than a name, it is a symbol of passion for stretch film. We love what we do and that’s why we live it, every day. The source of our ideas are the needs of our customers. Our focus is not on what is technically feasible, but on the benefits in daily use. As a result, we offer you cost reductions and sustainability that can be calculated and proven.

NENO® 67 Layer

THE NEXT STEP IN TECHNICAL INNOVATION and a new level of ENO stretch film quality. NENO® 67 Layer is a so-called NANO film, the term NANO refers to the many very fine layers of the film and has nothing to do with NANO particles. We are the first manufacturer in the world to produce a stretch film with 67 film layers. By using the highest quality raw materials and NENO® technology, we are able to manufacture stretch films with technical properties that have never been achieved before!

Consumption savings up to 60%

One of our developments: ENOxtrem easily replaces conventional machine stretch films in thicknesses 12-23μ. Tests confirm a higher recovery force with consumption savings of up to 60% compared to conventional machine stretch films.

Who we are

  • Own production

    The m+b packaging group is a medium-sized company based in Schwieberdingen and specializes in the production and distribution of high-performance stretch films, as well as the sale and maintenance of packaging machines. Find out more in our image video on YouTube

  • "the one with the red core"

    We are “the one with the red core” – | Because you can recognize our top products by the light red core. Recognition mark for our quality claim. While you often have to buy thick and heavy cardboard tubes from others at the foil price, you get the lightweight red core weighing only 667g from us. Because what weighs less, costs you less and also protects the environment.

  • More metres on the reel

    More metres on the roll means fewer roll changes for your staff and at the same time less waste of cardboard tubes that you have to dispose of, more metres per pallet and therefore less storage space, fewer storage processes and annoying pallet exchanges, less freight and therefore less CO² emissions from the transport vehicles.

  • quality

    One reel like the other | We spend a lot of effort on quality assurance. Every day we check our performance, control our work processes and optimise our procedures. This also includes the traceability of products via batches and the logging of relevant data.

    A young machine park and thus modern equipment, their regular maintenance, constant monitoring and optimisation are the basic prerequisites for consistently high quality.

ENO© | Traceability

The barcodes on our products provide information about the time of manufacture, the recipe, the raw materials and the control results.

Unique barcodes are attached in 4 places. The following pictures describe where the labels are attached.


You will find the first production barcode on the front of the pallet (short side).


If you have removed the packaging (a), you will find another production barcode on the underside of the pallet (on the box).


In the third place you will find our sales label (exception: it has been replaced by your own label at your request). Here you will find a sales barcode (marked in red)


The fourth barcode (QR code) is located on the paper core of each roll of our premium products. This allows us to track the individual roles.

EC No. 1935/2004

The traceability of our products (in accordance with Regulation EC No. 1935/2004) is guaranteed by a unique batch number on each pallet (pallet = smallest packaging unit).


  • 1 - Transport packaging

    Type: Production barcode | Location: On the front of the pallet (short side), on the transport packaging.

  • 2 - Palette

    Type: Production barcode | Location: Pallet – If the transport packaging has been removed, you will find another production barcode on the pallet itself.

  • 3 - Sales label

    Type: Sales barcode (Exception: It was replaced at the customer’s request.) | Location: On the front of the pallet (short side), on the transport packaging. Sales barcode (marked red)

  • 4 - Paper core

    Type: Production QR code | Location: The barcode is located inside the paper core of our premium products. This allows us to track the individual roles.


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