AirOFilm®is an innovative film with perforated mesh. It is extremely strong and tear resistant. The perforated mesh provides air exchange and prevents waterlogging. AirOFilm® ensures effective, ecological and versatile repackaging of your goods while reducing consumption, improving load security and increasing efficiency. This way you optimize your costs and protect the environment.

AirOFilm® Improved Elasticity, Lighter Weight & Efficient Adhesion. The optimal solution for: Hotfill, frozen, drinks, food (details), plants and flowers.

VENTILATION & PROTECTION The size of the holes is of great importance when it comes to air-permeable films. Too small holes do not allow the air to circulate. Too large holes allow plants to penetrate them and be damaged. Unlike many other films on the market, Air-O-Film ® has the right ratio.

Due to the unique design of Air-O-Film®, you need less packaging material per load compared to alternative solutions. This not only reduces packaging costs, but also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly.

Air-O-Film ® is produced with a carefully controlled formula so that only the inside is adhesive. This means not only that it has the ability to adhere within itself. Also, the smooth outer surface prevents mutual sticking of the transport trolleys during transport.

Securing the load is enormously important, but the film must be easy to handle at the same time, especially when packing manually. The unique structure of Air-O-Film ® makes it easy to tear off once the trolley is packed.

As with nets, reinforcing strips oncompetitive products can often separate from the base film and get caught in the wheels and forks of forklifts. The design of Air-O-Film ® prevents this.

Flowra | Flowra Lite

Air-O-Film ® Flowra | Flowra Liteis anair-permeable stretch film specially designed for the florist. Air-O-Film ® Flowra Lite is a product optimized in thickness. (both products are pre-stretched and crimped at the edges).

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Air-O-Film ® Standard combines maximum elongation with high tensile strength. This ensures that even the heaviest loads are optimally secured during transport. (Products is pre-stretched and crimped at the edges).

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Stretch | Stretch Lite

Air-O-Film ® Stretch is designed to withstand the most demanding environments. Air-O-Film ® Stretch is ideal for semi- or fully automatic stretch wrappers equipped with a motorized prestretch. Air-O-Film ® Stretch Lite is a strength optimized product, the small savings can make a big difference.

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