ENO®xtreme | Stretch film is a revolutionary innovation on the
stretch film market and combines the properties of
blown and cast film for the first time.

Tests showed consumption savings of up to 60%
determined with the same, usually even significantly better transport security
(= restoring force) of the packaged goods!

holding force





consumption reduction

STD. Folie


Standard film

Advantages over traditional stretch film

ENOxtrem machine films

  • cheaper
  • puncture & tear resistant
  • smoother on the outside
  • higher holdingforce
  • more rm per pallet space
  • more meters per roll
  • more environment friendly (less CO2)
  • suitable for freezing
  • Food compliant (Details)

Our proven ENO®xtrem quality, for machines without a prestretch system, is now also available as a NOcore variant. This allows us to significantly reduce film consumption and completely eliminate the otherwise common “cardboard core”.

The stretch film can be stretched bi-directionally in an impressive manner and therefore has an extremely high puncture resistance. ENO®xtrem is extremely thin and therefore extremely economical in consumption. Here you can apply the red pencil without a guilty conscience.

More meters on the roll means fewer roll changes for your staff and at the same time less waste of cardboard tubes to dispose of, more meters per pallet and therefore less storage space, fewer storage operations and annoying pallet exchanges, less freight and therefore less CO² emissions from the transport vehicles.

667 g CoreWhile you often have to buy thick and heavy cardboard tubes from others at the foil price, you will get the ultra-light 667g red core from us.

Raw material bagsFor the production of stretch film we use only polyethylene, as well as additives and stabilizers if necessary. The raw materials we use can be 100% recycled


ENO®xtrem allows you to significantly reduce stretch film consumption even without a pre-stretch system. The hard special stretch film can be stretched up to 120 % and shows a very high holding forces. With initial thicknesses between 9-14 µm, it can replace conventional stretch films of 15-23 µm.


Puncture resistance

Tear resistance

slipery outside

Suitable for your application, optimized for your machine(s) – To find the right film our scale helps


Optimally match machines and consumables to your application.
We tell you how it works, what it costs and what it brings.

Thickness µmrm / mCore weight / gGross wt. / kgRolls/Palletkg core / palletm per pallet