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EUMOS – the European Safe Logistics Association

Since the end of 2019, we have been a leasing member of the European Safe Logitics Association, an association dedicated to improving safety throughout the logistics chain. Thanks to the contributions of its members and their diverse expertise, EUMOS has been instrumental in the development of several load securing standards. EUMOS is constantly working with load securing experts to improve safety standards in Europe.

Load securing

Optimum load securing is one of our most important tasks. In 2012, we started to develop special stretch film types, with a focus on increased retention and holding force. The chemical ingredients, the mechanical parameters of the film and the tension and elongation parameters on the stretch winder adapted to the application are responsible for the holding force of a film.

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Security in the entire logistics chain

  • 2007

    Development of a sample pallet with integrated sensors for measuring the holding force / load securing on the pallet

  • 2012

    holding force – Start of the development of special stretch film with the focus on increased holding force + load securing.

  • 2013

    Development of a mobile measuring system for testing the holding forces on the packaged goods at the customer’s site. For an optimal comparison of the performance of different films at your site.

  • 2019

    ENO®ergo – ENO®ergo the REVOLUTION in the hand stretch film market. Independent of the respective user, a very high pallet security can be realized with the ENO®ergo system

  • 2019

    We are a member of EUMOS. EUMOS optimizes safety standards in Europe’s transport policy.

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