ENO®xtreme | Stretch film is a revolutionary innovation on the
stretch film market and combines the properties of
blown and cast film for the first time.

Tests showed consumption savings of up to 60%
determined with the same, usually even significantly better transport security
(= restoring force) of the packaged goods!

holding force





consumption reduction

STD. Folie


Standard film

Advantages over traditional stretch film

ENO®xtrem Hand film

  • cheaper
  • puncture & tear resistant
  • smoother on the outside
  • higher holdingforce
  • more rm per pallet space
  • more meters per roll
  • more environment friendly (less CO2)
  • suitable for freezing
  • Food compliant (Details)
  • 100% Recyclable

Dispenser for handfilm

Sliding sleeves for hand stretch film

Core Ø: 50 mm

With the Maxi version you get twice as much m on the roll (normal hand film 270-300m, ENOxtrem Maxi 500-600m per roll). Double meters also save you every 2nd core.

The stretch film can be stretched bi-directionally in an impressive manner and therefore has an extremely high puncture resistance. ENO®xtrem is extremely thin and therefore extremely economical in consumption. Here you can apply the red pencil without a guilty conscience.

ENOxtrem edgeAlso as ENOxtrem edge available. The innovative double edge protects the film during processing and film tears are a thing of the past.


ENO®xtrem allows you to significantly reduce stretch film consumption even without a pre-stretch system. The hard special stretch film can be stretched up to 120 % and shows a very high holding forces. With initial thicknesses between 9-14 µm, it can replace conventional stretch films of 15-23 µm.


Puncture resistance

Tear resistance

slipery outside

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VersionThickness µmWiderm / mGross wt. / kgRolls/PalletColor